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Bunk House

Space Craft works with you to develop the bunk houses you need. You can choose from a wide variety of floor plan choices or work with us to plan a floor plan that meets any and all your needs and create a space that you can call all your own.

Our bunk houses come in layout sizes from 28 feet to 51+ feet. The size choice is your own along with the entire decor for the unit. You choose the floor you walk on up to and including a custom entertainment center if you desire.




Standard Equipment

Click here – Bunkhouse Standard Equipment for an itemized list of the standard material we use to build our Bunk Houses.


Floor Plans

The floor plans displayed below show our semi trailers floor plans. Each floor plan has a corresponding reference number that you can use to get started with your own Bunk House Floor Plans.

Bunk House Floor Plans

40 – 49 foot

50+ foot

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